Monday, January 16, 2012

Seattle, WA

Seattle was fun. It really helped that my special someone came and spent the week with me. We made a list at the beginning of the week of all that we wanted to see. I'm happy to report we accomplished quite a bit, considering I was singing my butt off in the evenings after our days of fun! First we went to Pike Market where there were lots of craft tables and seafood sellers. And we saw the first Starbuck's ever! The next day we had lunch at the Space Needle. The food was yummy. And the views were beautiful. Afterwards we went to the EMP Museum (Experience Music Museum). They have an huge Jimi Hendrix exhibition
plus other various music sections. Oddly, they also had a exhibition on the movie Avatar. We didn't love the museum. It was interesting but the space wasn't utilized well. The next day we walked 1 1/2 miles to Pioneer Square. This area was pretty but the cold weather had us rushing back to the coziness of our hotel.

The Paramount Theatre was lovely to perform in. The design of the orchestra seats and lobby was reminiscent of an opera house. Lovely wall decor and chandeliers were seen thru-out. But the real gem was my giant dressing room. I had a fireplace (unfortunately my dresser and I couldn't get it on) and a jacuzzi tub in my bathroom! I didn't use either but it certainly was an experience to have that as my space for a week. It was one of the treats of this tour so far.
Although I enjoyed Seattle very much, I was happy to leave the gray skies and head to the sun in San Jose, CA.

Portland, OR: Behind the Scenes


I asked some of the Sharks..."What has been your favorite thing about Portland so far? What has been your favorite restaurant or meal in Portland?"

Alexandra Redelico (Swing)

"Probably the vintage stores. The shopping is unbelieveable because it's not all just generic things, there are a lot of "mom and pop" shops. I love the food carts because it's such a variety. I just love the culture here and all the people are really nice and helpful.

My favorite restaurant was at the Ace Hotel. The restaurant is called Clyde Common. The truffled popcorn and roasted chicken were really good, as was the steak. And the drinks were amazing! The bartender is a famous mixologist and made all these fun house cocktails."

German Santiago (Bernardo)

"My favorite thing about Portland is that its very eco-friendly. I loved the Pearl district. And I loved the martinis at the Vault Martini Bar."

Waldemar Quinones-Villanueva (Tio, u/s Bernardo, Chino)
"I loved the duck confit springs roles at Veritable Quandary (VQ). And the martinis!"

Michael Scirrotto (Pepe, u/s Bernardo)

"My favorite thing about portland has been the views and the hiking. It's amazing how green the city is. And the shopping has been great. The breweries has been really fun too!"