Friday, March 30, 2012

Cincinnati, OH

We didn't have cars in Cincinnati so I didn't get to see as much as the city as I would have liked. But again my guy came to visit and explore with me. I took my first personal day off from the show to spend a whole day with him.

Gizel and I roomed together in a
two bedroom suite with a kitchen which made eating meals much easier. We finally could cook our own food! I found the perfect egg making pan that has become my favorite purchase on the road.

The theater was much smaller than the Fox and took some getting used to but once again I had a very sweet dresser name Mary Anne, who kept feeding me sweets. She even made me a southern dessert called Sugar Cream pie. It was delicious.

Overall this is the city where I ate sugar cream pie and went tanning. And I was surprised with a delivery of flowers at the theater by my special guy.

St. Louis, MO

St. Louis was one of my favorite cities we visited so far. We stayed in a quaint little Omni hotel that gave us lots of personal attention. And we had a yummy free breakfast
every morning. I also was so happy to have a car to drive around and explore some more of the city. My special guy came to visit the first week and then my bro in spirit Marvin came to visit the second week. The show opened on Valentine's Day and Ross and I performed "Tonight" on the Fox morning show.

The Fabulous Fox theater was gorgeous and seated about 5,000 people, the biggest
house we've played so far. There is nothing like the sound of 5,000 people clapping for you at the end of a show. It's a sound and site I'll never forget. A tradition at this theater is that every artist and show signs the wall. Marvin gave me the idea to sign the door frame of my dressing room so every girl that enters and leaves that room can feel pretty!

I found some old friends from The Fantasticks on the wall too. The theater was designed in a "Siamese byzantine" style. All the way up to the top you can go through a dark door we called the "Narnia" door and watch the show from above. I also had a wonderfully sweet dresser named Mary who made the two weeks at the theater a pleasure.

St. Louis is also where I ate some authentic southern cuisine. We visited Pappy's for authentic BBQ. If you like meaty ribs this is the place for you. Marvin had me take him to Hodak's recommended by Rachel Ray as having the best fried chicken. She wasn't exxagerating And the sides were good as well. Another cool site to visit in St. Louis is the City Museum. Marvin and I went with Gizel and her boyfriend and we climb and slid all over the place. It's a big playground for adults. I battled my fear of heights but was helped by the encouragement of my friends!

I loved my time in St. Louis!

Des Moines, IA

After a much needed rest at home I arrived in Des Moines. I spent our time in Des Moines reading the Hunger Games Trilogy and eating much too many times at this "Sizzler-type" restaurant called Spaghetti Works! In Des Moines I also got lost quite a few times in the SkyWalk that connects all the buildings downtown. We were thrown a nice little opening night party by one of the local restaurants. They even featured a special dessert in my character's honor.

Sacramento, CA

We arrived in Sacramento on January 23rd and stayed for one week. Sacramento had a little more for us to do. Clay, Chris, Gizel and I spent a fun day in Old Sacramento. I overdosed on saltwater taffy but loved it! We ate on a boat restaurant and went back in time to the wild wild west.

San Jose, CA

I've neglected this blog for a while so the next few cities are going to be a little less detailed since I'm working off my memory but thankfully I have pictures to remind me! By the time I reached San Jose I was looking forward to going home for our one week layoff. We arrived there on January 16th and stayed for one week, While I enjoy traveling around to cities I've never been, sometimes we perform in cities where there isn't much to do. San Jose was one of those quiet cities. Luckily in San Jose I had a special visit from my friend Ken (whom I met in Paris with his wife Ellen). He came to see the show with his family and I was very happy to finally meet them all!

Ross and I meet our biggest littlest fan!