Saturday, June 23, 2012

Appleton, WI

Here we were in Appleton! We were there for one week beginning April 23rd. I ate lots of Jimmy Johns in Appleton! And I was kept on my toes with two new Tonys to play opposite while Ross was on vacation. I tried to give both my Tonys as much as I could onstage and be open to the changes and different interpretations. Matthew Hydzik (who had played the role on Broadway) was brought in to do most of the week as Tony. He was very open and fun to work with! He brought a lot of energy and passion to the role and he seemed very happy to return to the show, as a little treat to himself.

I was super thrilled to get to play opposite my friend Chris Rice who had worked so hard and was so dedicated. He did a wonderful job and I was cheering him on in the wings after "Something's Coming".  I kept thinking about all of us "newbies", the second year cast, and how we now were months later, holding our own. It was lots of fun onstage since we're buddies in life! 

With Chris Rice...he went on for Tony!
With our vacation week Tony, Matthew H. 

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