Saturday, June 23, 2012

Durham, NC

Monday arrival in Durham...Mexican food please!

Durham was bittersweet. I was excited to go home but sad to say goodbye to the show. Everyone kept reminding me we still had Japan, but I was still sad. I've loved playing this role and being a part of this show. Japan would be like an extra treat, one last hurrah.  Ross and I had an early press day on Wednesday. It was way too early for me but being picked up in a limo was a perk! The press lady asked us to take a mock prom photo. And then we asked to be taken to McDonald's in our limo for breakfast!

Mock prom photo: Tony and Maria finally get to go to prom!

Opening night party!
The opening night party was full of yummy food and lots of pictures. Durham was a great place to end. The audiences were fantastic and very involved in the show.  Another milestone that week was the end of the Insanity Challenge for Gizel and me. On Saturday, our last workout day, I almost cried with relief. And I was proud of us! My Mom came for the weekend to see our last shows. It was so special to do my last show in the USA with her out there watching.  I learned so much on tour about myself, as a person and a performer. This has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life and I'm so grateful for it coming my way.  And I'm looking forward to Part 2 in July!

You feel what?!

TV interview

Closing night party...Shark Ladies!

Insanity Challenge complete!

Mama taking over my dressing room!

In between shows with some of the girls,
stuffed from the theater BBQ

Chris Rice put together a little video gift for us.  So I leave you with the video below. See you in Japan!

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