Saturday, June 23, 2012

Newark, NJ

With my Titi Marie after the show.
Newark was the most important week for me on the tour. We were there for one week beginning May 1st. I performed  for almost all of my family, friends, colleagues, the creative team of the show, my agents, voice teacher and casting friends. Some of my family came from Florida to see the show. My co-workers and old boss came from the office job I've had since I was a teenager.  It was nice to do the show while being at home. I felt like "this is almost what its like to work on Broadway and then go home after a show"!

I felt that I gave my best performances this week and I was happy knowing I was singing for the people that matter to me the most.  Since the beginning of tour I had shared my grandparent's story of when they came to New York from Puerto Rico in the 1950's. I had taped their old photos on my mirror in all my dressing rooms. My Grandpa and Grandma  are the real Bernardo and Anita to me and it was like no  other experience to share the show with them.

My friend from The Fantasticks
 Michael Nostrand came!

A photo of the curtain.

Some of my family backstage before the matinee.

The real "Sharks". My grandpa and uncles.
Giving the fam a backstage tour.

    Julia and Elaina giving me white roses post-show.

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