Sunday, June 17, 2012

Philadelphia, PA

Next up was Philadelphia for weeks! I was so happy to be driving home every Monday off and seeing the people back home. I had lots visitors to the show that week too. Our director came to see the show and felt the show was in great shape. My friends Dan, Olga and her boyfriend, my good friend Matt...they all came to see the show and it made performing all the more exciting. I got a little sick, probably due to the driving and extra visitors but a little more rest made me feel better.

On the positive, Gizel, Clay, Chris and I ventured out to try the famous Philly Cheesesteaks. We were all proud of Clay for giving it a try! I went on lots of solo walks because the streets of Philadelphia are beautiful. This is also the city where I got the crazy idea that Gizel and I should start the two month Insanity workout challenge!

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