Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ottawa, CA

We were in Ottawa, Canada March 12th-18th.  I enjoyed the french canadian culture there. We stayed at the Lord Elgin hotel which was right across the street from a mall. We went there everyday to shop and eat. We also indulged a few times in a local pastry called Beaver Tails. Basically fried dough covered in some form of sugar. My favorite was the Nutella! My energy was low in this city but I was trying to keep the moral up.
We celebrated St. Patrick's there. Because of the demands of my role I don't often go out but that night I allowed myself to have some fun with the cast. It was much needed!  Doing the show the next was definitely an experience lol.  While I enjoyed my time in Canada I was very happy to return to the states, especially because of the expensive cell phone issue. And it was great to have my internet back!  Here are some photos from that week!

Our hotel The Lord Elgin

A Canadian thing :)

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