Saturday, June 23, 2012

Columbus, OH

We arrived in Columbus on April 16th and stayed for one week. Our rooms were huge and Gizel and I took advantage of our large living room to continue on our two month Insanity quest. We were exhausted but building stamina and adjusting to the six day workout routine. We had great audiences here and the theater was lovely.

Post show photo for

This was a very busy week as we had extra rehearsals for the vacation Tony coming in for Ross' vacation and for Chris Rice (one of our Tony understudies) who was going on for the role as well during the vacation. Our company manager had a poker party set up for his birthday which was lots of fun.  I pushed myself hard this week and I was tired from the extra work.  It's a lessen I've learned on tour: take care of your voice and body first, rest when you need to. Think of the whole picture of your career.

West Side Story takes over the airport!

Our travel day to our next destination was one of the longest! But the cast made the best of it and made a little party of it in the airport :) And the guys even hooked up the Xbox in the airport while we waited!

Can you tell we love to shop?

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