Saturday, June 23, 2012

Toronto, CA

At the Falls

We arrived in Toronto on May 7th and stayed there for a month. Gizel and I, as well as most of the cast, had rented apartments at The Toronto Suites. Our apartment, unlike some of the others, was older and very small. We weren't sure of it at first but we made the best of it, bought some flowers and candles and tried to make it our home. We'll laugh one day at our experiences there! LOL We were located 30 minutes from the theatre and had to take the subway every day to work. We were actually really happy about it as that made it feel more like home. We started our second month of the Insanity Challenge and set our routine of doing insanity pre show at 3:30.  Gizel's aunt came for the first week and she was a fun houseguest. And she cooked for us too!  When Chris came the second week, we four road tripped to Niagara Falls on our day off.  Dedication: doing Insanity at 11:30pm after spending the day walking around Niagara Falls!

Gizel at the Falls

Marathon press day
Ross (Tony), Alex (Anybodys) and myself had a crazy opening press day. We had a marathon day with over eight interviews to do each. Although it was a lot of questions to answer, we had fun doing it.

Toronto was a fun month of shopping, exploring and feeling like we had a home since we were there for so long. I had a lovely dresser name Jill who kept me hydrated and comfortable. It was a bittersweet month as I knew we were coming close to the end of our US tour.  Next and last USA stop was Durham, NC!

Gizel and Patrick after singing their original
arrangement of "I'll Cover You". They were wonderful!

Toronto press shot

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